TargetTrack | Data Deposition

Last updated: October 31, 2013

TargetTrack Deposition Tool

This page details how you can deposit your target and protocol data to TargetTrack via XML file. You can deposit your data either in an XML file or an XLS Excel spreadsheet file, as described on the deposition guidelines page. Spreadsheet files are currently parsed and validated manually by SBKB staff, and must be mailed directly to

This tool also provides data validation for TargetTrack XML files. The XML validation program performs a variety of consistency checks against the current TargetTrack schema. Detailed TargetTrack schema documentation is provided on the deposition guidelines page.

Follow these instructions to use the Deposition Tool:

  • Select or enter your center's name (required).
    Select the 'Testing' option in the drop down menu to indicate you only wish to test the file and not deposit.
  • Use the "Browse" button to select the XML file to be uploaded.
    The file name cannot include blank spaces.
    You can upload a zipped or gzipped file.
  • Select the appropriate schema version.
  • Press the UPLOAD button to upload the data file.
    The tool may take a few minutes to process your file.
  • If problems are indicated, please correct the file and upload again.
    Click here for a brief explanation of the XML validation program's output.
  • If the file passes validation and meets all requirements of the defining TargetTrack schema, its data is deposited into TargetTrack during the next database update.


Please send questions to